The ECOs (Environmental Community Organizers) are a group of volunteer EcoReps who represent their dormitory’s floor and act as its environmental representative. The ECOs position requires less than 1 hour a week of time. ECO members have a few important tasks, among them distributing information from the EcoReps main body, making sure their floors have the proper environmental infrastructure (i.e. recycling bins), helping the EcoReps with their residential projects, and generally observing their floor for environmental awareness (i.e. making sure people are recycling correctly). Once a month they will meet with the core EcoReps who are the organizers of each dorm in the Living Learning Center (LLC) and Southfield (Carman, John Jay, and Furnald).

What To Do:

  •  Establish a connection with your floor’s RA. They are the easiest and most efficient way to get floor-wide email and other messages delivered. Also RA floor meetings are a great chance to present new info and environmental tips to your floor.
  • Introduce yourself to your floor(s) both by email and at your next floor meeting. Be sure to tell them what room you live in.
  • Make a nametag for your door so that people know where to go for environmental advice. Cardboard works and looks great, so we will be using that for the door signs, but feel free to let the creativity flow!
  • Attend monthly FloorReps meetings in order to talk to EcoReps, ask questions, swap ideas with other Reps, and have a good time!
  • Be friendly and helpful, not condescending. Encourage people to do the right thing by leading by example rather than finger-pointing.

Some Tasks:

  • Distribute fluorescent bulbs to replace incandescent ones to the residents of your floor. This is a great opportunity to meet everyone on your floor, tell them that you are an ECO and what that means, as well as save a little energy.
  • Send a message out to your floor offering tips for effective recycling, and perhaps lead a demonstration at the next floor meeting (talk to your RA about setting a meeting up and sending out an email!)

Last Things:

  • The sky is the limit! If you have a great idea on how to promote environmental awareness reduce environmental impact then by all means go for it. We have the money, supplies, and people to help.
  • Some ideas: host a study break using recyclable/reusable utensils, build a trash sculpture for your floor, design new signs instructing people on how to properly recycle, or have a dorm-wide contest to see who can reduce waste the most. Be creative!
  • If you are interested in applying for a position as an ECO, apply by clicking the Get Involved tab and sending in an application!

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